Through continuous and effective collaboration between its engineers and salespeople with customers since 1975, the MCZ has developed a wide range of vertical packaging machines very reliable and versatile.

Starting from their own series machines, about 20 models, adapted to the needs of customers and the products to be packaged. On request we can also design and build prototypes to meet specific needs.

The current production of packaging machines include:

  • single-line vertical packaging machines from 10gr. to 50Kg
  • multi-lines packaging machines for Stick-pack from 1gr. to 50gr.
  • multi-lines machines for Sachets from 1gr. to 50gr.
  • packaging machine for preformed open mouth bags
  • filling machine for Jars.


The design begins testing the products and the film of the customer with our laboratory equipment to detect and verify the optimal systems of dosing and packaging speed.

All machines, including prototypes, are 3D designed in every single detail, to support archives and to ensure the availability of any spare parts, even after several years.

The commercial components come from the best brands, to guarantee quality and availability all around the world (eg: Festo, Allen-Bradley, Siemens …).


Each MCZ machine is subjected to a rigorous inspection with and without the customer being present. During this phase rigorous checks on all packaging machine groups are carried out:

  • Electrical panel
  • Software
  • Mechanical components.

We simulate production processes which the machine has to carry out once it has been installed in our customer’s factory, checking all items present in the technical specifications agreed with the customerwith the customer.

MCZ guarantees an assistance service via telephone or email with qualified personnel for both the mechanical and electronic parts and the same will guide customers “step by step” in facing every type of difficulty.

It is also possible to activate an optional tele-assistance service that makes it possible to dialogue in the distance with the packaging machines, to control and check the same.